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Jayne Dawson talks to her. The Look North sofa — or who is sitting on it — is one of those things that forms a comfortable backdrop to our lives. Because, there is no doubt, the person with their bottom parked there every night becomes a familiar face in our Yorkshire living rooms. New girl Amy Garcia is about to become that person, for it is she who has been appointed to sit alongside co-presenter Harry Gration, after many months of uncertainty. We have seen several broadcasters fill the role since the sudden departure of Christa Ackroyd — of which more later — but now Amy is to be the permanent replacement. She will start the job on Monday and, from the moment she joins Harry in the studio, her life is bound to change, because the job is a high-profile one. Amy knows this very well, and is looking forward to being that friendly person in the corner, the one who becomes part of our evening routine. Harry was on it then, and Clare Frisby. I like stopping and chatting to people.

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Naomi Oni, 25, suffered horrific burns and was nearly blinded after being ambushed by Mary Konye, 22,who followed her home and wore a veil as a disguise. A new BBC3 documentary on acid attacks has revealed Konye sent sympathetic messages to the victim after the ordeal while police were still hunting the attacker. Five years on since the attack in East London, the Victoria’s Secret worker has spoken out for the first time about how it changed her life forever.

The main studio here was closed by ITV but operated independently as Studio 1 Facilities from the spring of until the autumn of This very small company ran the studio within the huge ex-HTV site on the outskirts of Cardiff.

Initially, Gavin lives with his parents, Pam and Mick , and spends most of his time with his best friend, Smithy. Stacey lives with her widowed mother, Gwen , and is frequently visited by her uncle, Bryn , who lives across the road, and by her best friend Nessa. The series follows the key moments in their relationship: The characters of Gavin and Stacey provide the emotional core of the story. The show focuses on the situations that arise when their relationship brings their two differing families together.

As a result, episodes often focus on the key events in life that bring wider families and close friends together such as weddings, christenings, birthday parties and Christmases. However, the show also presents the families interacting in deliberately non-dramatic situations, such as a visit to the beach and nights out. A significant second storyline follows the contrasting relationship between Smithy and Nessa. Despite their dislike for each other, they have several one-night stands, leading to Nessa becoming pregnant and having their baby.

Whilst Gavin and Stacey are the clear main characters, towards the end of the show’s run, the dramatic emphasis switches slightly from them, as they resolve their distance issues, to Smithy and Nessa, as Nessa becomes engaged to another man. Other storylines that run throughout the course of the three series include Pam’s fake vegetarianism , Bryn and his nephew Jason ‘s struggle to keep the events of their disastrous fishing trip a secret with the outcome never actually being revealed , and the ridiculously rocky marriage of Pam’s friends Pete and Dawn.

Characters and cast[ edit ] Main characters[ edit ] Gavin Shipman Mathew Horne — nicknamed “Gav”, “Gavlar”, or “Gavalar”, the funny and enthusiastic level-headed protagonist from Billericay , Essex. Gwen West Melanie Walters — Stacey’s caring, widowed mother. She also has an older son, Jason who lives in Spain.

‘Talking is all well and good, but it’s time we did something about male mental health’

Strictly Come Dancing – Celebs: Images today from the first two episodes in the latest series of Doctor Who, with the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Still with the very, very sexy Jenna Coleman though. I particularly liked the outfit Jenna was wearing at the start and end of the first of these two episodes.

News > People > Profiles A class act: Claire Foy on criticism, tumours and embarrassing sex scenes. Her luminous good looks made her the star of Little Dorrit and Upstairs Downstairs.

Sam is also under pressure to lead a major drugs bust, but Ryder is sure that she’s not ready. Sadie’s weakness for temptation leads her into hot water. Production[ edit ] Braun was asked by the BBC to create a UK-based lesbian drama; she stated that the first scene that came to mind when she began writing was “a woman crying in an inappropriate place after finding out her ex is seeing someone else” followed by “someone returning from New York and throwing her ex into a state of panic”.

Those two scenes resulted in the creation of the three lead characters: Cat and Frankie, and Tess. For Gedmintas, this included cutting her previously long blond hair to a close cut bob. Ratings[ edit ] The first episode debuted with , viewers, picking up an additional 8, viewers on the BBC HD channel. It had an audience share of 4. Claudia Cahalane of The Guardian wrote that it was “hugely significant” for a drama to normalise lesbian and bisexual relationships, citing a study of BBC output which found that lesbians contributed to just two minutes of programming from a randomly selected 39 hours of broadcasts.

While Cahalane expressed disappointment that the episode did not represent butch lesbians , she deemed it “important to recognise Lip Service for the great service it’s doing to British lesbians. He expressed sympathy for the “clearly talented” cast, opining: The lesbians are presented to us not as interesting people, or characters who warrant sympathy; rather, they matter purely because of their sexual preferences.

That is immature, patronising, and unrealistic.

Meet new BBC Look North presenter Amy Garcia

Monday, 18th September at 8: Which stars do the broadcasters scrabble to sign knowing that harnessing their talents to a show will make it fly? In any list of television talent you might expect to find the names of broadcasting royalty, such as Sir David Attenborough and Bake Off queen Nadiya Hussein. Jodie Whittaker I have had a brilliant year. My first audition was in January so that kicked off with a huge amount of excitement. Thank you to Radio Times for this award!

Bbc3 dating programme Spencer matthews dating programme.

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But we need YOU to make this list your own for We aim to update this Scouse Who’s Who every year. So if you see any notable omissions or take grave exception to some choices, then drop an email to news liverpoolecho. We’ll take all your thoughts into account when we update. Each day throughout 08 we’ll be speaking to one of the Scouserati and getting their ‘Thought for the Day’ which we’ll publish in the ECHO and online at www.

So read on and form your own view. And by the way, if your name is missing and you’re feeling snubbed, outraged, hurt. There’s always next year. When the superclub idea tired he opened bar-cum-restaurant Babycream at the Albert Dock in

Acid attack victim speaks out at betrayal of pal attacker who was ‘jealous of her fair skin’

Pippa Evans Pippa Evans Pippa Evans is an award-winning comedian, actress, songwriter and improviser. Pippa has just returned from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where she played her critically acclaimed show There Are No Guilty Pleasures to packed houses every day. Pippa is also co-founder of the Sunday Assembly, a monthly gathering that promotes community and learning in a non-religious environment. Having started with just one congregation in London, it is now a global movement with 67 Sunday Assemblies around the world.

BBC Radio 4 series.

All the latest documentaries, comedy, videos, articles and more from the award winning digital channel, BBC Three. Makes you think. Makes you laugh.

The rest of the UK – today more or less Ever since I began this project I’ve had people emailing me asking me to include all the other studios around the UK. Well, sorry, but I am trying to fit work, home and some sort of social life into my time. However, tucked away at the end of my ‘history of old ITV studios in London’ page was a section that began as a summary of what happened to the old ITV studios around the rest of the country.

It then expanded a bit to include a few other studios so I decided it was probably about time it was given its own page. Incidentally – I’m only including TV production studios that make a variety of programmes for network transmission on UK channels – not those built for a specific soap eg Doctors or regional news studios. I’m also covering 4-waller film studios making TV drama. I’m simply summarising here what we have now and have had for the past four or five years in the UK.

If you want to create your own history of regional studios – feel free and I’ll happily give your site a link!

Debbie McGee, Jonnie Peacock and Alexandra Burke complete Strictly Come Dancing line-up

The publication will be produced on a quarterly basis and will include local news and property information. Adgective were approached by a local commercial agent to design large hoarding boards to firstly lift the aesthetics of the city centre building and secondly help advertise the interior space. The design had to be bright, eye catching and have the relevant images and information specified by the client.

Adgective were asked to revitalise an old logo design that the Pregnancy Crisis Centre had been using for several years. The design had to use a tear drop design which was in the previous logo, however typeface and colours were looked at to give the best possible result.

Gavin & Stacey was a British sitcom, written by James Corden and Ruth Jones, that follows the long-distance relationship of an Englishman and a Welsh merging of their quirky families forms the focus of the show. Mathew Horne and Joanna Page play the title characters, while the writers co-star as Gavin and Stacey’s friends, Smithy and Nessa.

The competition is open to all Fuller’s pubs nationwide. The fields are proving too wet to harvest. Currently he was around half way through his ha acres of oilseed rape at Penn Croft Farms, Farnham. Flotation tyres had been fitted to the combine to minimise any damage to soils. Behind the University SIC is a public footpath wandering through farmland and a small woodland. If I’m not catching up on work that I should have already done long ago, I often like to spend the gap time taking a walk up the footpath.

The way was clear however, and the disinterested gaze of grazing horses was the only acknowledgement of my presence. It’s becoming more and more respected. So, a few minutes after the very phone call with Steph, I found myself on the Hog’s Back; the road to Farnham from Guildford. On the road I saw the sign for Greyfriars a lovely Voysey house a close friend of mine had lived in when we were children. Too much of a coincidence for me to drive on so I popped in.

Keith Allen: mad, bad and dangerous to know?

He says that’s a late age, and goes on to describe circumcision very derisively as something nobody would choose, chopping the end of the penis off, etc. A show that actually goes for circumcision’s jugular! First broadcast April 25, on Showtime. The show is unique in giving Intactivists a chance to make our case discussing the innervation of the foreskin its unique rolling action making jokes against circumcision rather than against Intactivists treating restoration more or less seriously skewering circumcisors Edgar Schoen they let him read his own poetry and Elizabeth Lister “With this clamp, used correctly, there’s zero chance of hurting the baby’s penis.

On the “cleanliness” argument:

Eighty new musicals had their West End premiere in an Olivier Award winning season in , each created on the spot by the incredible, multi award-winning musical comedians The ce suggestions were transformed instantly into all-singing, all-dancing shows with unpredictable and hilarious results.

Don’t you think that’s a bit selfish? Though I imagine there are a few women who think I am. He is short – though not of opinions – and dressed in a Ben Sherman shirt, jeans, and a jacket by Goi Goi, a label favoured by Pete Doherty. Originally he wanted to write an A to Z of life according to him – “I would do A for Arsehole, and then under that write see C for And she didn’t have a job and I thought, you write it and I’ll give you some of the money.

But then we, er, split. I started the book with one girlfriend and finished it with another girlfriend and a baby, which is, hahaha, so typical. It made it very tricky. But respect to her, she wanted to hit the deadline.

Tragic Gary Speed’s sister tells of Wales legend’s secret depression

Wilshire, the larger than life year-old businessman who shot to fame after his Swansea call centre became the centre of a reality TV series, pleaded guilty on behalf of the company Money Saving Champions of which he is a director. Notification with the ICO is a legal requirement for organisations processing personal data under the Data Protection Act. Gareth Duncan, prosecuting for the ICO, said the organisation did not dispute the figures, saying: This is an administration oversight on our part and for that I am sorry.

We just bought it to stop anybody else from stealing our thunder once the programme set in India went on air.

WEY LIFE “I was a lad of ten when the war started. I had to do a lot of errands in those days and take my little sister everywhere. Sometimes we would travel five miles along the main road to our aunties just to have some supper because our parents were very busy working in the canteens.”Surrey resident.

I had been asked to contribute and really wanted to but I was away in the US during filming. Cherry was very honest about her own experiences or lack therof with disabled people, I appreciated her asking the questions that most people are secretly dying to ask but are unlikely to unless they know someone with a disability. She interviewed a young woman who is paraplegic and participates in pornography and was totally open about her own surprise that disabled people have the same sexual desires as anyone else.

I was expecting frank and forthright conversation about disability and sex from a confident and sexually positive young disabled woman who would be able to dispel a few myths about disability and perhaps change a few prejudiced attitudes. I actually felt rather concerned about the emotional welfare of the woman herself; appearing in porn while clearly battling psychological issues is not the path to confidence and happiness.

This woman has her entire life ahead of her, she is a bright, sparky young woman; she is totally independent, she is only paralysed from the waist down, not the neck down and that in itself is one hell of a gift.

Tyger Drew-Honey’s drag transformation – Tyger Takes 181 Straight Am I? – BBC Three

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