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Salalah Salalah is a great location all year round for a unique holiday. Salalah is home to legends and folklores, ancient history, wildlife and adventure. Salalah is situated in the Dhofar region to the south of the Sultanate of Oman. It is surrounded by mountains on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Unspoilt, glorious, white sandy beaches are scattered with coconut palms, banana plantations and blow holes spurting water over 30 metres into the air. Mountains, cliffs, caves and waterfalls are rich with greenery and wildlife as a blessing of the South west Monsoons known as the Khareef. The town itself is bustling with shops, restaurants, traditional markets and friendly people.

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Muscat sightseeing After breakfast we start your Oman holidays with Muscat city tour. This will be followed by a photo stop at the residence of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Al Alam Palace, which is flanked by the 16th century Portuguese forts Mirani and Jalali. Later we visit Muttrah Souq, Day 3: Muscat – Sur Breakfast at Hotel. Afterthat, we depart by 4WD to sur via the scenic and rugged coastal route.

This tour offers breathtaking glimpses of the blue waters of the Gulf of Oman offset by pristine white beaches.

With a rich history dating back over 2, years, there is much to discover in Salalah, and you’ll be in close proximity to fascinating archeological sites or UNESCO World Heritage sites associated with the ancient frankincense trade.

Click to print Opens in new window Frankincense and more The fragrant land of Oman, tucked away in the south-eastern corner of Arabia, is rich with glorious archaeology. But what are its highlights? David Millar is our guide. Nizwa was the capital of Oman in the 6th and 7th century, and makes an excellent base for exploring archaeological sites in the interior. Then imagine that all of this is well preserved, set against a backdrop of colourful deserts and magnificent mountains, and with a warm and hospitable people.

Welcome to Oman, quite frankly one of the most interesting and rewarding destinations the archaeological traveller could wish for.

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It is sufficient for the son of Aadam to eat a few mouthfuls, to keep him going. If he must do that fill his stomach , then let him fill one third with food, one third with drink and one third with air. According to hadith, the Prophet Muhammed pbuh is believed to have said: In fact the earliest written reference to the black cumin is in the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament where Isaiah talks of the harvesting of the black seed.

However it never really held any place of importance until the rise of Islam.

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These lakes existed during periods from 6, to 5, years ago and 3, to 2, years ago. The lakes are thought to have formed as a result of “cataclysmic rainfall” similar to present-day monsoon rains and most probably lasted for only a few years. However, lakes in the Mundafen area in the southwest of the Rub’ al Khali show evidence of lasting longer, up to years, due to increased runoff from the Tuwaiq Escarpment.

Fossil remains indicate the presence of several animal species, such as hippopotamus , water buffalo , and long-horned cattle. The lakes also contained small snails, ostracods , and when conditions were suitable, freshwater clams. Deposits of calcium carbonate and opal phytoliths indicate the presence of plants and algae.

There is also evidence of human activity dating from 3, to 2, years ago, including chipped flint tools, but no actual human remains have been found. The region is classified as ” hyper-arid “, with typical annual rainfall of less than 3 centimetres 1. Oil[ edit ] Geologically, the Empty Quarter is the most oil -rich site in the world.

What are some fun things to do in Salalah?

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First travel to see the stunning Opera House and drive over to Buda. Here, you can take in the beautiful panoramas.

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Salalah, the 2nd Largest city of Oman, is a coastal city. It is a unique place in the Arabian Peninsula. The unique climatic factors make Salalah a magical spot and the jewel of the Arabian Sea. Salalah is steeped in myths and legends that date back to biblical times. The grave is really pretty long. The prayer hall is wonderfully decorated with chandeliers, green carpet and wall patterns. The mosque is named after the sultan of Oman, sultan Qaboos. Salalah Museum Photo Credit: Margo Makiej Salalah Museum is something one must not miss if you are a follower of cultures as it is the cultural centre of Salalah.

The massive, beautifully built building dedicated for the museum contains and displays the Al Musnad writings, ancient holy scriptures and coins that dates back to the 11th century AD. The pottery seen here, traditional irrigation tools and manuscripts date back to the Middle Ages. As Sultan Qaboos St. Saturday to Wednesday from 7: Free of charge 4.

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Baggage Ensure that you pack your baggage yourself in compliance with the security guidelines issued from time to time. Safety For safety reasons, dangerous articles must not be packed in checked or hand baggage. Restricted articles include but are not limited to compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, oxidizing materials, poisons, infectious substances, and briefcases with installed alarm devices. Any liquid, aerosol or gel such as drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, paste and any item of a similar consistency must be placed in a container with a capacity no greater than ml, and all containers should fit comfortably in a transparent reseal-able plastic bag.

The transparent reseal-able plastic bag must not have a volume greater than one litre, such as a freezer bag of 20cm x 20cm or 25cm x 15cm. Reaching Airport Proceed to airport with ample time considering the traffic congestion and your mode of travel, baggage screening, check-in baggage, immigration and enhanced airport security measures.

The pair were stepping off a coach in Salalah when they were hit by a car. Royal Oman Police say the driver, who did not have a licence, had veered into the wrong lane.

Oman’s edifying heritage is inspirational as portrayed through its lively souks, impressive forts, an assortment of cultural arts, majestic fragrances, affluent architecture, traditional jewellery, folk arts and performances. Omani people take pride in their enriching cultural heritage and make an effort to conserve this wealth. For people who take pleasure in reviving history and have an eye for arts, architecture and niceties of a civil society, Oman is the perfect place.

Omani culture takes pride in its roots which is firm in Islam. Omanis are not only liberal of the viewpoint of different Muslim sects but are also open-minded towards supporters of other faiths, who are allowed to practice their religion in churches and temples. Islam is based on the accomplishment of the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’. A believer and practitioner of these five pillars is considered as a true Muslim. All Muslims are required to fast during Ramadan which is observed in the ninth month of the Islamic year and is regarded as one of the Pillars of Islam.

Each year, for 29 or 30 days depending on the lunar calendar, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual desires during the hours of fasting from dawn to dusk. Ramadan advances 10 to 11 days each year as it is governed by the lunar calendar. The Haj or pilgrimage is another Pillar of Islam.

Muscat International Airport

History[ edit ] The airport opened as Seeb International Airport in , replacing a smaller airfield located in Bayt al Falaj. It originally featured one passenger terminal building, one runway as well as minor cargo and maintenance facilities and is currently undergoing a major extension and replacement consisting of a second runway, an entirely new passenger terminal and a new control tower. The new facilities are undergoing testing as of December Current Terminal[ edit ] The airport currently features one single, two-storey passenger terminal.

Archeological Sites. dating back to the early Iron Age. This type of burial tombs is called honeycomb tombs. Hafeet Site. The site is located in Al Buraymi Governorate. of Omani frankincense bound to (Balqees) the Queen of Sheba were loaded from Samharam Port, which is located east of (Salalah) City in the region located between Wilayt.

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Tropical Cyclone Luban Will Threaten Oman, Yemen This Weekend

I did this road trip during a December holiday with my wife and kids. We planned various activities from culture, nature and some leisure. We drove from Salalah to Muscat but of course you can drive it also the other way. I always suggest to never backtrack the same route but to drive either a circle or drop the car just at the end point. Now enjoy this Oman road trip itinerary with me.

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Sterett stationed yards away from the yacht to talk face-to-face. But an FBI hostage negotiator came to believe the two pirates were not serious and took the two men into custody.

Rub’ al Khali

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A beach holiday in Muscat tops the wish list of a sophisticated traveller, but Oman is also the go-to place for scuba diving, fossil hunting, desert camps, frankincense, ancient forts and turtle hatching. Spectacular diversity in landscape translates into myriad possible adventures. Here are 10 reasons to visit a country that combines mystique with modernity. Towns retain traditional charms and Bedouin values.

Discover the warmth of the people over a customary kahwa — strong coffee flavoured with cardamom and served with dates. Local cuisine serves history on a plate:

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Log on to OmanNews. It is a relatively small area located on the southeastern Arabian Peninsula on the Gulf of Oman. With an area of just over , square miles, it is the approximate size of the state of New Mexico.

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From Jerusalem to Bountiful: A Map Of Nephi’s Journey This map closely approximates Nephi’s journey from Jerusalem through the wilderness to the Land Bountiful, where he and his family built the ship. Because of the detailed cardinal directions that Nephi gives us in his account, and also because of the discovery of the place Nahom where Ishmael was buried , we can plot the journey quite precisely. In Joseph Smith’s day, and for more than a century after, it seemed impossible that such a place could exist in seemingly barren Arabia.

However, a beautiful, wooded valley that fits Nephi’s description of the place in detail has recently been identified on the remote southern coast of the country of Oman. The fertile site that Lehi and his family called “Bountiful” was “prepared of the Lord” 1 Nephi It marked both the end of their mile trek across the Arabian Peninsula and their departure point to the New World. For many decades the writings of Hugh Nibley, first published in the Improvement Era in ,1 represented the only work by a Latter-day Saint scholar on the Old World setting in which the Book of Mormon account begins.

Nibley drew upon a handful of early writings that described life in Arabia, including an account of a visit to Oman early this century by the English explorer Bertram Thomas. Thomas’s enthusiastic description of the fertility of the area near the regional capital Salalah, in the south of the country, made it seem likely to Nibley that this was the place that Nephi had written about two and a half millennia earlier. In the early s Jay Todd, the managing editor of the Ensign, initiated a visit to the general areas where the Book of Mormon story began.

Traveling with their daughter and with photographer Gerald W. Silver early in , the Hiltons became the first Latter-day Saints to journey through western Saudi Arabia and, very briefly, southern Oman, examining possible routes that Lehi and his family may have used.

See and Touch Wild Frankincense Trees (Salalah, Oman)

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